Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy days

If you can dream and not make dreams your master..
If you can think and not make thoughts your aim...
If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same..
If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds of distance travelled..
Yours is earth and everything in it,
and whats more... you will be a man, my son!!

Amazingly, it is only 2 mins ago that I finished watching this greatly-appreciated-by-friends-Telugu movie, 'Happy Days' (with Eng subtitles).. and i cant cease to wonder why i didnt watch it before... Not for the first time, I felt something inside me change... :

There was this small boy once, innocence personified... in school..
who believed in only good deeds.. and expected only good ppl, the big fool...
used to believe in good morals and principles..
used to follow them too..
despite all odds.. despite all opposition...

even at that tender age,
his will to try and do no wrong was commendable..
no abuses..
no vices..
whats more.. he used to stop others too..
which we thought would annoy them..
but quite later on found it was respect...

believed in true friends..
innocence resulted in him being oblivious...
ditched by some, used by some...
saw the same happen elsewhere too..

shattered his belief and trust..
and fawned a resilient fear and distrust..
thought true friends , true love -> not real..

forced into becoming practical..
and guarded..


time and tide didnt wait for anyone..
and years passed on...

but one thing did not change..
his will to change, improve, become better everyday..

like everyone, he was human too..
but the moment he realized a mistake..
tried to correct it..
trespassed thru both sides of confidence..
only to correct himself from time to time...

the striving for perfection,
the constant drive to improve...
turns out to be out of reach..
but also comes with it the realization..
that its not the destination but the journey that truly matters...

Its unbelievable how the smallest of things can touch you the most sometimes...
lookin bak... and just after a refreshing movie like this.. he realizes a lot of things..

You truly have knowledge, only when you can acknowledge your lack of knowledge..

1.To truly feel the wind, you have to expose your inner side..
Its true.. true love and true friendship are rare and hard to find..

but maybe, its worth the trouble finding out...
maybe its worth, being a true friend everytime.. no matter how many times you are disappointed... for its like a lottery.. you win once.. you win big!! and hey... tell u a secret...
its giving which is always...always more satisfying... :)

'a friend might not know the value of friendship,
but at least you can know!'

The world's not really about give and take..
Its about sharing, feeling , enjoying and livind the hell of a roller-coaster it is...!!

2. If you truly believe in something,
stand up for it... no matter what the opposition..!
there's a reason why there are so few leaders and revolutionaries and so many followers...

The true reason is, that most people bend to fear so much so as to suffer in silence..
Though, at all times, also use your brain.. the reach of the intellect is far greater..

forgive my senti mood at the moment... sometimes comes...
thats me! :)

but think this is a turning point...
more so, b'coz.. publishing such a post only makes it more concrete...

Probably many wont read this post ever...
but would just like to thank everybody in my life..
for making my life so very beautiful... :)